Interview With Carola Castillo, Entrepreneur, Author and International Speaker

1-How do you describe “Carola Castillo” to our readers?

In my field we talk about seekers and I will say that I shared today my experiences as a seeker. I help people to find themselves.

2- What inspired you to become an author?

20 years ago, I represented the Hellinger Institute in my country Venezuela, Constellation work was a new tool. So, I published the first book of Latin America about this amazing tool. Ecos del Pasado is in Amazon.

3- How you see public speaking at the age of this pandemic?

We have found a way to connect with people and it is fantastic that during this time public speaking it’s growing in a different way but definitely developing.

4- How do you get inspiration?

Inspiration is connected to creativity, is connected to creation. It is the best way to be inspired when you download from the universe things that people cannot imagine, that’s inspiration.

5- What advice you give to young writers?

We should consider ourselves universal translators, it is a powerful tool to be able to write. But beyond that I consider that writing is the most divine task we have on earth.

6- How do you manage your time between business and social life?

I have to say that currently my social life is my business life.  I really enjoy what I do.

7- For you, is the future of content publishing will be more digital or books will keep existing?

I think the old generations will stick to the paper. But nowadays millennials just want time. And the digital world is about time.

8- Do you still manage to learn and why?

I’m always in continuing growing I love to see and learn from other people’s perspective how do they manage things; we learn by repetition and I love to compare myself with others so I can improve continuously.

9- Do you use audiobooks and are they a good substitute of written books?  

I love audiobooks I don’t like to waste too much time, it’s easier for me and I love to jump from one book to the next.  When I’m cleaning, when I’m driving, it is the best thing.  if you have time you have to listen to mine, it’s in Spanish though, El Camino hacia La Maga.  

10- What is your final advice for our readers to become successful entrepreneurs?

There are three spiritual laws, discipline, discipline, and discipline if you really want to become an entrepreneur you better get to the structure. Energy is about structure and in order to be successful you need a good structure and that requires organization.

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