Is the U.S. Ready To Lose Its Covid Relief Programs?

The pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has indeed changed the whole world. It has changed our lifestyle, our social activities, the way we work. All businesses that could switch to the online way of working did so. There are several different parameters that need to be considered to see if we can get back on track, and truly say that the US is ready to lose its Covid relief programs. In this article, we will discuss a lot of these parameters and create a better overview of the whole situation to see if the US is indeed ready for such a big step.

The number of infected people

There have been many variations in the number of people infected by Covid-19. The experts are always talking about different waves, how the number of infected people progressing and what are the next steps. In reality, the number of Covid patients is quite steady now, with some oscillations. Nevertheless, some measures still need to be in place. If we want to keep the numbers low, we need to do everything we can in the given situation, in order to get that number down to zero one day. 

Going to stores or shopping online?

Shopping online was not the first choice for everyone before the pandemic started. Some people do prefer ordering things online, and getting them delivered by mail, but a lot of people still preferred going to the store and seeing this in person, while enjoying the shopping as well. While this is no good news for those that already own a physical store – for businesses forming an LLC in Maryland or any other state where the cases are still growing right now, if the LLC is regarding online business branches, it acts as a catalyst for growth probability. And the growth probability can easily be seen through the fact that, when the pandemic started, even the brands that did not have this option, started giving their customers this choice, if they wanted to buy their products online. 

Studies have shown that the percentage of online shopping compared to shopping in stores has increased majorly – which has also happened to give an exponential rise in companies that do their businesses online. This fact makes this area of business incredibly promising as the probability is high that a lot of people are going to stick with getting whatever they need online as it is extremely convenient.

Physical distancing

Rather than calling it social distancing, we should call it physical distancing. Even though the number of Covid patients is reducing, we still need to keep our distance and keep ourselves, as well as others, safe. We can still call each other and chat on social media, but it is important not to gather in big groups. This is why it is important that we have the required measures that can protect us all. After all, the virus is still circulating. 

Work of non-essential businesses

So far, most of the businesses that were allowed to be open were just the essential ones. If you wanted to visit a place other than a grocery store or a pharmacy, you probably could not. 

With the pandemic as it is now, we could say that it would be safe to slowly re-open the non-essential businesses. The important thing is that the number of people allowed on the premises should not be huge, and that everyone keeps their distance and wears a mask. After all, people are more aware of everything now, and pay attention to the required measures in a greater amount than in early 2020. 

Things that are still a no-go

Even though we have learned how to fight the pandemic, and the number of new cases is stable, there are some things that still should not be allowed. Most of us love going to cafes and clubs, but in reality, big crowds of people who are drinking and talking are not something that is going to help us end the pandemic. Masks should still be mandatory in all closed spaces and large gatherings should not be allowed. We know it is hard not to live the way we used to, but the more effort we put in, the earlier we will all be able to go party in clubs and hug all of our loved ones again. 

We live in some incredibly turbulent times, and as the level of uncertainty continues to rise each and every day, planning even the most mundane things can be extremely difficult, let alone things that are vague in general. That being said, in order for our lives to get back to normal as soon as possible, it is vital that we stay vigilant in order to combat this virus appropriately if we want to ensure that cases start to dwindle for good.

We understand that it is incredibly frustrating, it is for everyone around the world, but things will, undoubtedly, get better. All that’s left is for us to ensure that it happens sooner rather than later. Stay safe, be kind to yourself and others, and if all of us does so as well – this whole scenario is going to get a lot less daunting.