Lifestyles, Changing Hats Maybe!

Lifestyles differ and somehow reflects the philosophies of people, the sportsman, the fancy lady, vegans, the wild and the list goes on and on.

Let’s put the question first, is choosing a lifestyle is already a good idea?

I always thought that the normal lifestyle is the best, and when I say normal, I mean, when you spot me somewhere you won’t say, oh here comes the fancy, or hide the meat, or let’s take a run.

And that’s what is cool about keeping things normal, you can change hats, whenever you choose and no one will have to ever judge you, the idea is simple is to take the best from everyone and test lifestyles as you which.

The summer can be for the travels and the cooking and when around the beach you can be running guy as much as you want.

When outside of the country you can be the thinker that wants to know everything about the people, culture and visit every corner of the world, the winter can be for the reader and the projects maniac, testing new stuff, or maybe some DIY.

You can be the geek whenever you want since, it’s a must nowadays, and technologies keeps letting us behind, you can wear that hat a couple of days to learn editing software go to seminars learn about new techs and AI maybe, which nowadays is a big thing that everyone wants to know about.

I have some friends that have these labels on them but the truth is, it’s going to be boring to keep one way of living your life. It’s the best idea to test new ways of living and experimenting stuff.

And you never know when things will fit you well maybe you are stuck in the lifestyle that doesn’t give the maximum out of the real you, maybe you are used to living how you are living now, or it’s your financial state or your entourage that keeps you inside your bubble.

We regret things that we do, but what’s worse we regret also the things that we don’t do, keep it real, keep it good and test new stuff, life is about experimenting with new things. 

I want to conclude with a personal experience, I decided once to go full vegan, the problem here is that I love food, with all its types, it turned out that much of the food that I like I don’t even eat enough of it, so I discovered that much of my food is already vegetables and fruits and vegan stuff without knowing it, but that didn’t prevent me from trying it for a couple of weeks, at the end of the experiment I noticed that not that much of my life has changed, but at the end I decided to not go vegan, since I want to be as I said earlier, a normal person that I can experience more stuff without a label on my chest.

So the lesson here is that the experience that showed me what I wanted and what are my choices, I learned more about my life, my habits and also my preferences and what I want to become, so experiments are the best.